Book Journals My Shrinking Waistline

To lose weight you must decrease caloric intake and increase physical activity. Simple equation but damn hard to follow. Motivation is the all important and invisible variable and very few products on the market address it. Workbook 001, the Food & Fitness Diary flip book logs 26 weeks of nutrition and exercise. Following every two weeks you measure yourself and by the end of the year, even Kate Moss will envy you. Don’t believe me? Just flip thru the book and watch that shrinking waistline.

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ISBN: 1451582498
Language: English
Size (inches): 6″ x 9″
Size (cm): 15,24 x 22,86
Pages: 108
Cover: Paperback
Cover Color: White + Black
10.00 USD

About New Text Studio
New Text Studio is an up-and-coming collective of young American publication designers. Founded in 2010, the group aims to produce a line of affordable lifestyle workbooks boasting a clean aesthetic and a generous dose of whim. Their first publication, a Food & Fitness Diary flipbook, was published in May 2010.

Designer: New Text Studio



Food and Fitness Diary by New Text Studio