This vase is a container for nature, inspired by nature!

Take a glance at the Gont vase and it’s easy to tell what it’s inspired by. The vase comes with a layered plywood construction and a pattern that closely resembles a pinecone, giving the vase a nice touch of bio-mimicry while also making it as pretty and alluring as the plant you place within it.

The Gont’s raw, edgy, wooden design is perhaps best suited for small, non-flowering trees. The vase comes with its signature wooden outer, and a cylindrical sheet-metal inner container to actually hold the plant. At a little over a foot tall, the vase is ideal for keeping on mantelpieces… preferably ones that get a lot of light so that it can then catch those beautiful sharp shadows thanks to its multiple pinecone-inspired facets.

Designer: Michael Samoriz