KitchenAid Variable Grill

The KitchenAid Variable Grill is Tempur-Pedic bliss to your burgers. The top surface of the grill is split into more than a hundred individual surfaces that completely envelope food. This provides a fuller grilling experience from all sides. The cool thing is each unit only turns on when it senses food thereby saving energy (sic). Interesting concept. DO WANT!

Designer: Roberto Bertran

The KitchenAid Variable Grill by Roberto Bertran





  • mif991 says:

    I don’t really know why I would need this with a microwave, a toaster oven and stove that I already have, but I want one. This is a piece of art. Outstanding work.

  • Edera says:

    While nice to look at, I’m not sure the whole “only turns on when it senses food nearby” would work for cooking some things. Most of the cooking I do requires a pre-heated surface before applying the food. For example, if you want to sear food quickly, you don’t want to have the food in contact with the element when it is warming up. Perhaps if you could control a percentage of the grill to be heated for use instead?

  • al says:

    I agree with Edera, I need a preheated surface. Also, how hard would it be to clean one of these? If they are 140 individual pieces… can you take it out and put it in the washer machine?

    I do love the aesthetics though, and it’s tiny enough compared to other grills to fit on the kitchen counter as a permanent feature like a microwave.

  • Mike says:

    The more moving parts, the higher the likelihood for failure.

    This is easily out-performed by a bacon/steak/grill press both in simplicity and price.

    Most skillet/grill applications take minutes, not hours. Saving time isn’t much of a bonus here.

    This is a specialized device that likely would sell for more than the average nonstick skillet. Due to its limited size, large preparations would be infeasible, where a stove can support multiple pans. If a stove is already in use for other items, then a standard portable skillet would likely provide far more cooking area at a far lower price than this designed item.

    Looks like hell to clean.

  • sinuic says:

    Whats strange is that the meat will have a pattern on the top and nothing at the bottom.
    Completely agree, with no preheated surface the meat will release all its juice (cannot see where the juice is going- probably on the table) leaving the meat with no taste… so complicated

  • M DXB says:

    >>>Looks very cool….Do you think it would turn on if i accidently was leaning on it (sensing my hand to be FOOD!) ? :-O

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