The Humble Food-bag, Made Indispensable and Invincible

The average family goes through roughly 25 zip-lock bags in a week. That’s 1300 bags… per average family on earth. The zip-lock bag serves its purpose well, but it’s disposable. Meant to be used anywhere from 1-3 times before its flimsy plastic gives away and you promptly dispose of it for another one.

With everyone slowly moving to non-plastic alternatives like metal strays and opting for plastic products that are multi-use (Tupperware, for example), it only makes sense that the food-bag, the humble zip-lock, sees itself being redesigned for non-disposable usage. agooday’s Pockeat gives the zip-lock the upgrade it needs. Crafted from BPA-free TPU, the Pockeat is food-safe, sturdy, lightweight, and flexible. It ditches the fidgety zip-lock mechanism (which is difficult to open with dirty or wet hands) for a roll-top closure that not only ensures the contents of the bag are leak-proofed, but it also gives the Pockeat a handle, allowing you to carry your bag around with you in your hand, or even strapping it to your backpack. The Pockeat can be used for storage, shopping, or even carrying food. It holds solids and liquids, cold or hot, without a fuss, and last years, as opposed to the day/week-long lifespan of a generic zip-lock bag. It also comes with over 3 liters of storage, and its roll-top design ensures your food is packed tightly, no matter how much you fill the bag. When you’re done, the Pockeat folds down to the size of a candybar and gets tucked into its sleeve, fitting in pockets, handbags, or even backpacks, allowing you to carry your bag around wherever and whenever, making it much more accessible than tiffin boxes, much more durable than plastic bags, and a boon to the environment too!

Designer: agooday

Click here to Buy Now: $24 $40 (40% off)


Pockeat is a reusable, heat/oil resistant and waterproof food bag designed for replacing disposable tableware & plastic to-go box.

With adjustable capacity up to 3L, you can pack literally EVERYTHING into Pockeat.

Pockeat has a hook-and-loop tape which allows you to adjust the capacity as you need it.








With the patent Velcro bag handle, Pockeat could be hooked on your bag or bike, keeping your hands free.

Pockeat is foldable and only weigh 47 grams, which is as lightweight as three keys.




Click here to Buy Now: $24 $40 (40% off)