Beats by Eames

This right here is a wireless speaker system inspired by the works of Charles and Ray Eames. Specifically, it uses the “Eames Quadraflex Speakers” system as a drawing board to create this DIY project. Designer Joel Pirela built a wooden box with an access door in the back, jammed (with care) a bunch of amazing speaker components in there, and created an opening for sound at the front, covered with a black aluminum grill. Painted all in an off-white shade for that “vintage look” and set it right up in Pirela’s house.

You may ask, “hey, what’s the deal? why would you make something bigger than it needs to be?” Well I’ll tell you. The cords go in the extra space when the speaker is not in use AND because it totally sounds amazing in there. That on top of, of course, the fact that those little speakers, while neat looking, have a totally different aesthetic than the Eames box. Both hot, now you’ve got it all, baby. Now I’ve got to make one too.

Designer: Joel Pirela