Three Seats, Wild Names

Oh my goodness, all you students working your butts off in universities around the world to bring the planet fabulous industrial design, you are amazing. In this post we’ve got a group of just such fabulous hardworking students with three fantastic projects. All of the projects in this post are furniture related, and they’ve all got wild names. And what’s best? They’re all so amazing I’d be daft not to want them sitting in my very own gigantic lake or oceanside home.

I don’t have an oceanside or lakeside home yet, but someday! Right now I’ve probably got enough room for about one of these monstrously cool amalgamations. All are must peek.

1. Atar (the black and white ribbons chairs) Designers: Christian Andrés Parra Sánchez, Juliana Andrea Mosquera. Concept: Gravitational Illusion. A fantasy of optically excellent proportions. These chairs float between naturalistic and industrial on a bed of impossibility.

2. Chair 1 + 1 = 1 (clippers) Designer: : Lily Assicie Muñoz. Concept: Opposed Complementaries. A step by step sort of process sheet made three dimensional with different pieces of chairness. “1 + 1 = 1 means that unities do not make two things but one component.”

3. Inqui (three legged red black white seats) Designers: Demetrio Collazos. Weird, strange, odd beings with a zipper underneath to insert or take out the padding that makes the whole thing work. The greatest excellence in aesthetics here is the zipper color accent. Totally fabulous.

Designer: Students from Icesi University


Furniture Design by students from University of Icesi, Cali Colombia