Pencil Sharpener?

Apparently I’m out of the loop but some people grind their pencils against cement flooring to sharpen it so this handy dandy device called the Re-knife makes it a bit easier with a portable stone. One side is rough, the other smooth. Who knew? Would any of you use this?

Designers: Yitu Wang & Joy Zhang

Re-Knife Pencil Knife by Yitu wang & Joy Zhang



  • mif991 says:

    I use 3 to 4 pencils to draw (I’m old school) a week and a sandpaper board. My sharpener is pretty good and instant, so no I wouldn’t use it. And I cannot see students being able to use it for it could be considered a weapon at school.

    • Alec006 says:

      weapon???? where in crazy USA we don’t kill people in our schools dude!

      • mif991 says:

        Try California…several cases of children (high school age) being expelled with zero tolerance. But hey, you are free to try it! All the designer has to do is ask LAUD!

    • frezzingaces says:

      oh and a sharp pencil isn’t a weapon at school?

      • mif991 says:

        No. but a knife is. Ask LAUD or your local School District if you don’t believe…

  • Cesar Urriola says:

    Maybe changing the material of the blade, don`t using metal, it`ll can be used on schools.
    That`s a challenge for the designer.
    Good Luck

  • Meira says:

    I would use this, i use an electric sharpener now and the thing cuts pencils down to the size of a toothpick before it’s usable. So Yea, i want one.

  • Ryan says:

    Pretty cool, i think. But instead of metal try porcelain or some sort of stone. Either that or just take out the blade portion and use it as a grinder.

  • E.J. says:

    I could use it. Problem for me would come down to which side is smooth and which rough. Theoretically, I suppose it would cut through if both sides were rough so long as it had a blade at the edge. However, if it only performs well cutting smooth to the pencil, I’d have to insist on a left-handed knife. This thing is perfect for college students – so who cares if they wouldn’t be able to sport one in California high schools?

  • rommel says:

    this will be great for model makers

  • Jesse says:

    I would indeed use this.

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