Pressing Out The Bacteria And Grime

Lupe is this innovative iron which can cut down the 3 steps of doing laundry into 1. The 3 steps being: washing, drying and ironing. Swipe it over that blob of dirt on your favorite Tee, and watch it dry-clean, sanitize and iron it at, all at once. Am I being to futuristic about this? No ways! I think if appliances like this are made available, then Carrie Bradshaw and her single friends will have no issues with doing the dirty laundry!

What I really dig about the Lupe is its translucent body that magnifies dust & bacteria and other impurities. It goes from myriad shades of color to colorless once the stains are removed and the garment ironed and ready. A superb concept that is a part of the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab Completion!

Side-note: did you participate?

Designer: Il-seop So

Electrolux Lupe - Hand Held Washing Machine by Il-seop So