Pressing Out The Bacteria And Grime

Lupe is this innovative iron which can cut down the 3 steps of doing laundry into 1. The 3 steps being: washing, drying and ironing. Swipe it over that blob of dirt on your favorite Tee, and watch it dry-clean, sanitize and iron it at, all at once. Am I being to futuristic about this? No ways! I think if appliances like this are made available, then Carrie Bradshaw and her single friends will have no issues with doing the dirty laundry!

What I really dig about the Lupe is its translucent body that magnifies dust & bacteria and other impurities. It goes from myriad shades of color to colorless once the stains are removed and the garment ironed and ready. A superb concept that is a part of the 2010 Electrolux Design Lab Completion!

Side-note: did you participate?

Designer: Il-seop So

Electrolux Lupe - Hand Held Washing Machine by Il-seop So








  • Shawn says:

    To be honestly….I dunno what is different beween ‘REDDOT’ awards product and this one…

    • Bruno says:

      wow…..i have seen this REDDOT awards product before…..thinking about it….yes, was easely find where this electrolux lab designer found him’s “inspiration”….

    • Dean says:

      It’s copy..!!!

  • Radhika Seth says:

    Although the B-Iron looks familiar, the Lupe has more comprehensive functions than just ironing out wrinkles! I hope you guys see the bigger picture!

  • KILLER D says:

    just like the iped

  • mif991 says:

    Even after owning a steam machine I find that nothing works as advertised when it comes to ironing. I like the concept and the presentation of Lupe, and I hope it delivers what it proposes. Good luck Il-seop So.

  • HBK says:

    while he develops his idea than ‘reddot’, it looks using same materials and too similar patterns….

    I can’t say it is copy, but quite sure…his idea is influence strongly from the existing concept product.

  • qwe012 says:

    Just developed version of ‘B-iron’.
    sure designer checks all negative comments about ‘B-iron’ and make a new concept.
    can u say this is a really new idea?
    really creative?

    I don’t think so.

    • mif991 says:

      No, but its better than the B-Iron…that is design evolution…you should know that.

      • qwe012 says:

        What is the meaning of better than?
        You mean functional development?

        Yes. It is true to say, it has been much developed than ‘B-iron’. However, look at the materials shape and patterns…

        Using transparent material on the iron part, metalic handle, geometric shape’s pattern inside…Actually, they are all design key features in the concept, and look too much familiar with previous one.

        He didn’t make lots of design solution.
        Just via evaluation, he makes developed version of b-iron.

  • Elisa says:

    The differance between Lupe and B-iron is the reason using the transperant material.

    Lupe uses the material to show bacterias on the clothes with graphic images. We can see the process the bacteria disappears…and at the same time Lupe make clothes clean and ironed…

    And B-iron is transperent to show how the clothes
    is ironed well….

    we can see the appearance first, so that make people think this is similar to B-iron.
    But We need to consider the functions

    How can be easier cleaning our clothes with that!!

  • Dave Bus says:

    Does anyone know if this design went into production at all? I am very interested in speaking with this designer.

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