Train of Your Business

You’ve got to train around a little. We all do. But sometimes, we’re on a business trip. You’re a business person, and you’re tired of the airplane. Right? How about the train? It’s all Harry Potterish? Not any more! Never again will you be caught sitting next to Ron! You’ve got trusty designer and 3D expert Aleksandar Dimitrov on your side! He’s gonna whip you up a Business Travelers Train Interior in no time flat!

What a comfortable looking place to chill out. Yes? I don’t mean to hate on English trains, especially since of all the trains I’ve been on, the ones in England certainly weren’t the worst. But compared to what we’re looking at here, they’re just terrible! Let’s sit around here a little bit. What? The ride is over already?

I’d like to stay aboard please.

By the way, look intently at the renderings below. They are made with 3D software. They were MADE. It never ceases to amaze me when someone can illustrate something with such an astounding amount of realism.


Designer: Aleksandar Dimitrov

Business Travelers Train Interior by Aleksandar Dimitrov