Milk – iPod of Desks by Soren Kjaer

It’s like the Lamborghini of desks. Except we’re Danish. It’s like the iPod of desks. Minus the play list. It’s like Chrysler Building of desks. But with no elevator. Introducing Mik, the perfect office desk. Has a built in fish tank, pen holder, garbage bin, file cabinets, height adjuster & the box (iPod storage). We also know you love your Macs so why not give back to your Mac this Valentine’s Day. Because to say this desk is compatible is an understatement. This is love. Inspired by the same desire for simple form and smart function.

Designer: Soren Kjaer



  • bubba451 says:

    Apparently the Danish don’t have legs… Looks great, but desks have their legs at their corners for a reason.

  • quadrent says:

    That would be a good place for my laptop. I like it. Onlything it needs is a place for a beer instead of the fishtank

  • willyolio says:

    nice… but where’s the real functionality? no place for a tower case?

  • elliotness says:

    feeling sorry for the fish and guessing that it will probably cost like $30K looks interesting tho …

  • Willzville says:

    I love the fish tank idea.


    I like this idea so much, I think I’m going to steal it. Only, because I’m not really down with the feng shui of metal, I’ll probably make it out of wood, which I’ll stain and then coat with a sealant. Also, since I work at a Hardware/Lumber/Home store where I get a 25% discount on everything, I’ll be able to do this on the cheap! Woo!

  • john says:

    where can buy in uk?

  • john says:

    where can buy in uk?

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