Harley Futurism

Let’s talk about the future of Harley Davidson. Motorcycles from OUTER SPACE! And what does that mean? Laser cuts. Laser cuts all over the place. Options. Wheels. Great things. All of this under the title “2020 Harley Davidson 1,” designed by Jonathan Russell. There’s other features, like two ways to sit, greatnesses here and there, but the most fabulous of these is the Apple Computers inspired laser-etched perforations in the aluminum which gives translucency enough to let the LED lights underneath shine through.

As Russell notes, the perforations are evident in the newish Apple Macbook Pro, which has the “no-light-when-off” but “shiny loveliness when turned on” features that we all know and love. This is used on the cycle to display gauges and GPS systems on the gas tank surface. In a similar move, the perforated aluminum behind the seat hide and reveal the tail lights and turning signals.

Non skid treads. Enlarged V-Twin engine, hidden battery and oil tank. Such a lovely chrome “picture frame” for the engine this doth make. Gas tank, airbox, oil tank, and battery all located inside the tank area.

Wrapped two to one exhaust. Perimeter breaks for ultra-stopping.

Due to the long history of flat track racing Harley’s got and the designer wanted to represent, this motorcycle’s got such a power to weight ratio as to rip it up with extreme speed on roads across the country.

Comfortable, aggressive, fabulous.

Designer: Jonathan Russell









  • Confucius says:

    Really nice concept with a high quality presentation. Good work! Although I don’t know the relevance of the “Apple Macbook Pro”…?! What?

  • Guy says:

    This Harley looks amazing!!! I also ride motorcycles (sport bike) and never get along with the Harley crowd but if they make Harleys like this, I would definitely leave my sport bike to get one of these!!

  • Tim says:

    Harley has changed little in over 20 years, so this fails as an excercise as soon as you went so futuristic and hi-tech, 2 words that do not apply to Harley. Had you called it 2050 Harley Davidson it might be worth discussing. Obviously with the V-Rodm fuel injection, ABS, liquid cooling and more Harley is moving forward but their wheels turn slowly 🙂

  • RobHimself says:

    @ Confucius:

    I think the designer is trying to relate the white lit gauges to the light on the front of the macbook pro.

  • Edstock says:

    Uh, those would be “perimeter BRAKES”

  • mif991 says:

    I do not love this bike, but I must say it is an outstanding presentation with impressive drawing skills.

  • igorchak says:

    Has potential, there are so many things wrong with this…first the seat…it’s too narrow and doesn’t look comfortable. and how can a seat be aggressive? A seat is a seat…Then the tail lights, there is a reason manufacturers don’t make them underneath the seat like that. A semi truck will not be able to see you brake and move up the turn signals. The tires…”Non Skid” writing do not make the tires any safer…unless it’s a Moto GP or a race bike then this will not work, so put more tread on it. The gas tank…well packing the battery, air filter and e.t.c. will just not fit there because you need to put your gas somewhere, by the way where is a gas cap, how do you put gas in it? And I’m pretty sure that by 2020 majority of bikes will be either hybrids or electric. And by the looks of your engine (which is way too big and heavy looking)it will eat gas like no other. Plus you are missing a gearbox or a muffler. By 2020, the greenhouse standards will be tougher and higher then today. So…packing a muffler and a catalytic converter is a MUST!!! The GPS and the gauge are way to close to the rider torso, your eye angle for that is way too low. that means while riding you have to tilt your head down to look at the GPS. Plus what if I want to put a bag over the gas tank? Then it would cover up the GPS…Now the perimeter brakes, how are they held up? magic? no bolts and the brake calipers are also a mystery. Put on some detailed on the bike, you are missing a lot of them.
    If you are mentioning that this will be a race bike then put a wind shield on it.
    As a designer you need to know every single bolt and what is that bolt for. If you are missing that on a motorcycle then this is just a pretty picture. If you went the whole nine yard with this concept you will have an AMAZING looking motorcycle. That could have potential in production.
    Good luck.

  • dance silly says:

    i am agreeing on igorchak comments.

    • Todd8080 says:

      There’s no radiator so it must be air cooled, yet air flow to the cylinders is completely blocked.

      He shows different versions of the motor but none look like they could run based on their proportions. What’s pushing the pushrods?

      Those taillights & turn signals would be illegal in every state.

      Mufflers won’t be required ten years from now?

      There’s a kickstand on both sides of the bike?

      The last picture says “Comfortable seating.” Come on!

      I get the impression the artist is a young kid who’s infatuated with oriental bikes and knows nothing about Harleys.

  • mrbike says:

    Ummm.. look cool but not have seat for girl.

  • whoppo says:

    Whoever thinks that seat would be comfortable has:

    1) never spent any time on a bike
    2) never seen the average Harley owner
    3) an interesting sense on humor.

    and placing the seat right on top of the rear jug? Two words come to mind….. roasted nuts!

  • chris f says:

    holy shit! i’ve always thought bikes were cool but never thought i’d actually get one.. but if they made this, it’s sold!

  • Dave says:

    Looks too top heavy. Then again, handling’s never been HD’s priority!

  • vicrider says:

    Too bad it is an obvious copy of the Victory CORE concept bike, designed in 2008.


  • coat says:

    do you even know what a *concept drawing* is? obviously not based on your post. concept designs are the imagination of the artist, it is an idea represnted in the form of a drawing and presented to the company engineers so they can draw conceptual ideas from this mediam. Also, most perimeter brakes, you dont see the bolts that hold it on and the caliper is attached to the underside of the front shock, as to appear to not be there and for stable mounting. but Im sure you knew that. Have a better day.

  • Sawyer says:

    hes just showing his inspiration for the guages just so we can get better idea for what theyll look like

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