Tandem for Speedsters

You’ve got a tandem bike. Chances are, you’re either in a comedy movie or you’re biking with the Muppets. Either way, you’re not cruising very fast. And your bike? It’s probably pretty far up on the cutie-pie scale. What if you’re in the mood for modernism? What if you’d like to go FAST? Well then just look right here, no further must you go! Here it is, the “Tandem Speed” bike. Get your speed lines on.

Designer Robert is a man who likes his white, black, and red paint. Me too. You really don’t need anything else when it comes to pop anything. Making anything pop!, I should say.

This bike is not yet on the production line, but with the response I’m SURE it will get, it wont be far off. High five double bike!

Designer: Robert Egger

Tandem Speed tandem bike by Robert Zuchowski