A flatpack, modular, flexible furniture system that grows with your needs without taking up space!

You know what is the most annoying thing about moving? Packing up your furniture which actually doesn’t really “pack” so you basically have to play Jenga with your pieces in the U-Haul truck. How cool would it be if we could roll up our furniture just like we roll up our clothes to save space right? Well, designer Richard Price kind of make it happen by creating Plus+ – a flat-packed furniture system that maximizes living space and minimizes storage space!

Plus+ fits your needs and comes with multiple configurations. The flexible furniture system increases its likelihood to adapt by using a snap-together frame with a joint system across the whole range. The modular design can be easily be assembled and upgraded with new features or additional accessories which enables it to grow with your needs or new spaces. Flexible furniture is the future as people shift to more flexible lifestyles that blend work and living in the same space.

The CMF has been chosen to be minimal, lightweight, and universal so it can work for homes, offices, schools, or any other setting. Using the felt-based material makes the “walls” more usable while also taking away the usual risk of scratches on furniture. It lets you easily attach accessories and doesn’t require any of that wall-nail-hammer trouble. The aluminum frames are durable and light – you can use them to create seating, walls, wardrobe, or cubicles! Plus+ is furniture designed to make your life easier with IKEA-like easy assembly, versatile functionality, and a design that enables you to use your furniture for a long time no matter where you go!

Designer: Richard Price