Drop colander lets you wash and spin salad ingredients easily

January is a time for most people to create their resolutions, challenges, and new things that they want to try. Probably one of the most popular things that people add to their list is to eat healthier. That means you’re probably stocking up on various vegetables and salad ingredients over the next few days, weeks, or if you’re disciplined and determined, maybe months. So if you’re adding various salads to your menu, salad accessories are also a must have.

Designer: Viviana Degrandi

A salad spinner is something that I’ve been wanting to add to my kitchen except that the ones I see in the market can sometimes have too many parts. You have to assemble it and then disassemble when you need to clean it and then put it together. Yes I know, that’s a bit lazy but that’s the kind of “cook” I am. So this thing called Drop colander seems to appeal to me because they say it has less parts than the usual salad spinners.

Because it has less parts, it’s also smaller than the usual spinners you find in the market. But if you’re like me and live alone, you don’t need something that can wash salads for a whole family. The Drop can hold lettuce, berries, tomatoes, and other herbs and greens. Once you put all the salad ingredients in it, you rotate the inner handle to close it and keep them from falling out. Through the hollow handle, you can run the water through it and wash your ingredients and shake and “spin” them as the water drains.

Of course I can just use a regular colander if I wanted something that’s easy to use. The Drop colander though has a better design and also lets me spin the salad ingredients without them spinning over onto the floor, which is what happens often when I just wash and mix it in a regular bowl.