More Radio Rolling, More Gaga

I’m talking about Queen, the pop star Lady, and everyone in between! That’s right, stumble upon the middles of music. That’s what this project is all about, the finding of new things through happy accidents and utterly excellent analog instruments. It’s the “Radio Ball” and it means to take you back to a time when finding your favorite tune meant searching through radio stations, one after another. Along the way you might find what you need isn’t always what you were looking for.

This is the Radio Ball. Spin it, flip it, bop it. Make it do what you want to do to it, and find a magical blend of static and radio music. Turn it over to turn it on, spin it on it’s butt to turn it up or down.

Once you’ve found a station you love, mark it with a stanard-size plug that fits right into the honeycomb of the ball. You can go back to it whenever you wish by flipping the ball back over to that stopper, as each comb acts a platform for flat standing when you want to listen to a straight up song.

And for when you want to go wild- just roll it!

Designer: Ben Collette and Adam Kumpf for Teague


Radio Ball by Ben Collette and Adam Kumpf