Gorgeous hardwood Headphone Stand brings a classy minimalism to your tech setup

Crafted out of either walnut or ash wood, the Arch headphone stand rests majestically on your desk, allowing you to place headphones on its gently arched top. The stepped design in the wood feels reminiscent of Bauhaus-style architecture, and adds an understated beauty to your table with how it creates bands of light and shadow. Designed for people serious about maintaining a theme around their workspace, the Arch is an alternative to those rather industrial-looking hooks and metal headphone stands. If you’re a fan of Grovemade‘s stuff, this one might just be perfect for you.

Designer: The Hrdwood Ltd.

The Hrdwood Arch is perfect for desk setups dominated by earthy tones and the use of wooden elements. The stand can be placed anywhere on your desk (although we recommend placing a cloth below to prevent it from scratching your table). Each stand is meticulously crafted from three wood panels joint together, creating a beautiful wood grain that almost follows the arch around its bend.

At its narrowest point, the Arch is just above an inch wide (1.18 inches to be precise), and therefore accepts pretty much any headphone. The wooden grain provides just the right amount of friction to ensure the headphones don’t go sliding off, and the solid wood stand is heavy enough to not lift upwards when you try to take the headphones off.

The stand comes in two variants – one made from a darker walnut wood, while another employs a lighter ashwood construction. Both have their own distinct flavors, so to speak, and fit in well with different kinds of decor. The ashwood blends seamlessly with bamboo-based furniture, while the walnut works supremely well with darker wood or black anodized metal. Both pair perfectly with glass tables too… and that tiny space underneath the arch is sort of perfect for storing your AirPods Pro case just on the off-chance you happen to have those too.