Travel Scale

This project goes by the name “Weight2Go” and it’s made for you folks who just need to get the weight of items on an everyday basis, in the streets! If you’ve got a gigantic box, how do you weigh it? Your bathroom scale isn’t going to work, man. It just ain’t gonna do anything for ya. So you need something else. How about you take the scale apart? All four feet, keep them, the readout meter, keep that, throw everything else out! And you’ve got this set of excellence right here.

Weight2Go is made for odd-object weighing. Set down all 4 of your scale bits, set your object on all of em at once, and just check it out on your readout meter! It says what’s up! So simple. Work it.

Designer: Jaeseok Han

Weight2Go versatile scale for weighing odd objects by Jaeseok Han