Use Your Water Twice

It goes in the sink, then it goes in the toilet. What’s that? It’s your water bill! You’ve got to conserve in any way you can. Here’s a lovely simple system that makes use of the fact that toilet water never needs to be as clean as it usually is. The “Eco Bath” concept uses 50% reused water and 50% new water for a toilet system half-ways to nature friendly.

You simply must read this little poem written about this toilet system by it’s designer, Jang Woo-seok:

Express the flow of water.
General water, the blue pipes.
Green pipes, water reuse

Fresh, yes?

Jang gets the idea for the Eco Bath from the naturally flowing waterways all around us. Naturally moving, naturally cleaning. Tagged “Green”, naturally.

Designer: Jang Woo-seok


  • Silenzo says:

    Great idea, bad design =/

  • Nik says:

    old idea, this was the first idea when world talked about water problem.

  • WE88 says:

    Wouldn’t your toilet smell of old toothpaste or other things that get tipped down the sink?

    • Eric Foor says:

      What if you accidentally dropped a ring down the sink? Or something of similar size? It could go in to the top of the toilet before it’s flushed and you could fish it out.

      It’d be a bad smell, but the smell is worth bearing because I bet you don’t want to lose a $600 ring.

    • Luke says:

      It’d be easier to open up the toilet tank and reach in than it would to unscrew a pipe under the sink. I’d say that this would actually make mishaps less annoying.

  • Wybie says:

    smart, eco friendly, water saving idea

  • Adam says:

    Where can I buy one and for how much?

  • Hacik says:

    This idea is indeed rather old. Some examples may be found here: . Regarding purchasing toilet combined with sink, I would suggest to find in your favourite search engine local store which sells “Eco friendly toilet”, “toilet conserving water”, “toilet combined with sink” (or you can use similar search phrases). I bet you may find one nearby you.

  • mark says:

    Interesting idea, in fact a good idea. But it is not feasable. There is no way to control the variable water flow from the sink. Generally the toilet is used first then the sink. I hope that washing your hands uses less then 3 liter. (50% low flow toilet). What happens if the sink uses more water then the toilet can hold?

    I give the designer credit for a creative idea, but remember to think about how the item could be practically implemented.

  • Jason says:

    I love the idea, that link thats posted is similar but who wants to use a sink directly over your toilet? This idea is worth exploring for sure. We need more water saving ideas. Think about incorporating a trap and filter so as to solve the problems of some previous comments. And if the water is too dirty for a toilet then why not route it to the garden or anything else that could use dirty water.

  • lay says:

    It is so tentative. Easy to use into a life!

  • mimi says:

    I think this idea is good, cuz these day shortage of water is getting much worse. However, this concept can make water saved much and solve the problem,such as water shortage. So, I think it is a good idea!!!!!!

  • karl says:

    if you want to save water a sink above the toilet is not really a problem. Who wants to recycle?

  • hayden says:

    Concept is good, practicality is not. Who washes their hands before going to toilet anyway

    • Erik says:

      the water is already in the tank on the back of the toilet from the last time it was used. look at your toilet at home, the tank is full of water that was piped in after the last time you flushed it.

  • Colin says:

    This design is a poor recreation of original ones that are much more practical.

  • karl says:

    spot on colin. and why would u design this system with the sink and toilet so close together. I like a separate toilet in its own room. I live in Tokyo and the small sink above the loo is great. saves water, is practical – towel in the loo, do your business, flush, wash your hands with the water refilling the cistern and move on with your life without having to worry about the build up of grime on that concertina looking hose in this design.

  • Frog says:

    I don’t mind the design actually, it’s the idea that unsettles me.

  • bibi says:

    so good ,may be i can rebuild my toliet

  • to+ says:

    I thik is a very modernd concept … a very goog idea! I Hope that is type of recycling will be more fashion in the next time! So all can profit of this phantastic things.


  • Haytham says:

    Green Smartness

  • Suggymoto says:

    What if you’re sick in the sink?

  • Patricio says:

    How much does it cost?

  • el gato blanco says:

    Not a new idea.. ever hear of grey water?

  • Nuno Marques says:

    Old idea, new idea, great idea, bad idea… All of the above. Be it how it may, I actually liked this idea if not the design it’s self. This has merit and if possible I will surely consider it when I build my next home. Good work.

  • Avery says:

    there are many designs like this that already exist just in different forms…

  • N.S.Penney says:

    may be an old idea! but we did not get very far with installing the hard ware did we? Should any country be really interested in saving water they would alter the building regulations to ensure that water saving devices like this would be used.

  • Buck Masterson says:

    Just get an outhouse, and you waste ZERO water Hippies.

  • Mickey says:

    I love this design! It is perfect for my bathroom. Could someone please tell me where I can buy it? Thanks

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  • thundrepance says:

    i was thinking the same thing! you hock a lugie, it’s in there. soap scum from many wash-ups, it’s in there. loose hairs that fall from your head into the sink get washed down …. what if they stick to the soap scum & cause a clog??

  • This is the future of house design, create sustainable additions that make resources go further. I love the brown water idea (that’s what they call it up here). But essentially it’s the same thing, reusing water. Now if we can get into more energy efficient design before we create these boxes the world would be a better place!!

    Great read!


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