Ballerina Bathtub

Ballerine is a creative combination of a single bathtub and a free standing shower cabin. The integrated shower head functions as a bath faucet and a shower disc. It’s installed on a flexible arm which easily adjusts to any height and allows you to set the intensity of the water stream and direction. The flexible arm is constructed of an adjustable nylon-silicon surface. Once activated, the frame stiffens like a backbone. If you’ve ever wanted to live out your dream as a tiny ballerina inside a music box, here you go.

Designer: Gustaw Lange


Ballerina Bathtub by Gustaw Lange






  • mif991 says:

    How do you say “Oh yeah? Build it” in Russian?

  • Wolkenstein says:

    Здание это! <–Maybe…i like the idea, but i think the water would splash out, or?

  • JustPassing says:

    Very creative. But just a little note: the girl in the first image is a rythmic gymnast, not a ballerina…

  • Do I have to take ballet lessons to use it?
    Yeah I know rythmic gymnastics.

  • mike says:

    Its a good design but I am not too sure about the folding down and up feature. What if the shower mal-functions and gets stuck half way.. or problems with the water pressure when it goes up.. it should rather stay opened up for more of an elegant look than to have it fancy its way down into a bathtub. Thus, it is eye candy.

  • GUNDAM says:


  • great says:

    this idea is awesome!!good work man

  • BZWEI says:

    In the shower, the water will spill out. Mother will beat you ass! Good idea! Practical difference

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