Carved From A Block of Chrome

Here are two products destined for production. The Chiseled and U-Turn faucet concepts come to us by way of  Design Jordan. I love the contrast between the abrupt sharpness and the organic nature of water. Too often I see these esoteric faucet designs that look stunning on their own but would look terrible in most homes. These concepts are what I call reachably futuristic.

The “Chiseled” concept is the first of a high-end bathroom/kitchen faucet range designed as if carved out of a block of chrome. The wide base, extended neck and rear-mounted handle provides a dynamic profile reinforcing the stealth-inspired sharp edges and flat facets.

The “U-Turn” concept is a high-end bathroom & kitchen faucet range designed around user need, incorporating bathroom items or providing additional features for personal objects. The bathroom sink model provides a recess to safely place rings while washing hands. The multi-purpose “U-turn” features a precast opening to place toothbrushes or other accessories like a customized liquid-soap dispenser.
The larger kitchen model includes an easy-access removable soap/sponge dish mounted on a rotating spout. The “U-turn” tip provides grooves to hang gloves, a watch or other personal accessories.

Would you buy one? They’re supposed to hit the international market… now.

Designer: Sofian Tallal of Design Jordan



Chiseled & U-Turn Faucet Concepts by Sofian Tallal of Design Jordan