Dogs and Cats on the Internet

This is a project about the future. The future of pets. Dogs and cats, mostly. It’s a harness. On this harness is a bunch of information: GPS location, vaccinations, and medical information. With these tidbits, enter the online experience: communication with fellow pet owners becomes a whole new level of creepy / excellent with realtime pet updates.

The biggest benefit here, if you’re not the type to track your puppy’s every movement, is the registration information: alternate to a flat, destroyable tag, or the weird, embedded under skin chip. This thang comes right at the same time as that SenseCam deal that hangs around your neck and records your whole life. Think about your dog. Does your dog want that? Yes. Your dog wants that, because your dog loves you.

Online connectivity and information exchange.
GPS for location and retrieval.
Vaccinations + other medical records.

Is it… fashionable?

Designer: Antoine Pagnoud


Aiken Pet Social Interface by Antoine Pagnoud