BMW Gets High

Well we’ve been here before, many times over. BMW calls it “cross fertilization”, but “brand shifting” is a term I prefer to use to describe when a company famous for one type of consumer product, in this case automobiles, uses their brand power to help sell another unrelated product (airplanes). There was the lust worthy Hermés helicopter, the Versace Lamborghini, the entire Porsche Design collection and let’s not forget the Audi yacht.

Now it’s BMW’s turn once again. Not satisfied with just clothing, bicycles, luggage and even headphones, BMW has turned their minimalistic gaze on the private jet airplane industry. Collaborating with Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, BMW DesignworksUSA brings us the Phenom 100 and 300. A mostly prototypical jet with one unique feature, a BMW inspired interior. Not that BMW interiors have ever been described as “inspired”, but this interior does a fine job of classing up a space that usually sees luxury arrive in the form of tacky limousine style interiors. Oddly, seat belts were not a design consideration for a company enjoying a flawless auto safety record.

Designer: DesignworksUSA


  • Kyle says:

    BMW actually produced airplane engines back before WW1, before they even considered building automobiles. An homage to the industry is still seen in its propeller blade meets sky logo. This venture is returning back to the roots.

  • Adrian Fallas says:

    Actually I think is not a surprise, BMW if I dont recall wrong, started with the airplane industry, and that’s actually why their logo is, mixed with the bavarian flag. I think BMW’s airplanes in the future will rock the sky. Would be so good to see a airplane with the bmw logo on its front 😛

  • Bill G says:

    On the presumption that the images are CAD renderings, I must say they are among the best interiors I have ever seen! What rendering app did you use?
    Bill G

  • GI says:

    Gorgeous – light cream leather, dark wood, matte silver, BMW all the way. A breath of fresh air, especially compared to the traditional “limo” private jet interiors.

  • henrique says:

    BMW produced airplanes before they produced automobiles. The BMW logo is inspired on the airplane propeller, so don’t judge BMW if you didn’t studied it… Get lost!

  • Hello, I log on to your new stuff daily. Your writing style is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

  • devon says:

    Hey guys… just so you know DesignWorksUSA is the BMW in-house product design studio – they do everything from assisting on BMW cars (the X cars and Z4) to consulting on products, yachts, airplanes, etc etc. And BMW did start with aircraft engines and still produced them through WWII (the ME262 prototype used a BMW turbine), but I think the emblem is actually a Bavarian graphic (not 100% sure) although at some point someone credited it to being a prop.

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