BMW Gets High

Well we’ve been here before, many times over. BMW calls it “cross fertilization”, but “brand shifting” is a term I prefer to use to describe when a company famous for one type of consumer product, in this case automobiles, uses their brand power to help sell another unrelated product (airplanes). There was the lust worthy Hermés helicopter, the Versace Lamborghini, the entire Porsche Design collection and let’s not forget the Audi yacht.

Now it’s BMW’s turn once again. Not satisfied with just clothing, bicycles, luggage and even headphones, BMW has turned their minimalistic gaze on the private jet airplane industry. Collaborating with Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, BMW DesignworksUSA brings us the Phenom 100 and 300. A mostly prototypical jet with one unique feature, a BMW inspired interior. Not that BMW interiors have ever been described as “inspired”, but this interior does a fine job of classing up a space that usually sees luxury arrive in the form of tacky limousine style interiors. Oddly, seat belts were not a design consideration for a company enjoying a flawless auto safety record.

Designer: DesignworksUSA