Rollin Singularity

You wont get lost in any black holes on this thing right here. The project is called “Orbis” and it’s going to look quit familiar to you if you’re a yippie or a hipster or anyone who lives in a place that’s got rich people. That’s the only folks who ride Segways, anyway. But this isn’t that! This is Orbis, and it’s got one wheel, made for riding hard and slick. And not only that, it folds down into basically nothing for easy carrying.

It’s electric! It uses gyroscopes to roll out, propelling itself based on the amount of acceleration needed to stop the vehicle from falling over. It uses a lithium battery and rides on one wheel.

Orbis can maintain 25km/h at top speed, able to travel 20km on a single charged battery. After rolling, the folding is simple, and the entire contraption weighs 27lbs. Light!

Designer: Christopher Souto

Orbis single wheel urban mobility vehicle by Christopher Souto