Dead Wood for Books

For books to sit on, that is. Not to be. Although when you think about it, all real books are made of dead wood pulp. Unless it’s… LIVING DEAD PULP! Ahhh! But that’s not what we’re here about today. Today right here now we’re talking about the “Zen Bench.” This bench / bookshelf amalgamation is the tops when it comes to looking amazing while holding either books or butts. Designed by an intensely named Latvian, Raimonds Cirulis.

Cirulis describes this bench or bookshelf to be made of naturally dead wood sources. Not only that, but naturally dead pine wood. For use as a bench or as several benches stacked up to make a bookshelf. For real.

See, I said it. I called it.

Designer: Raimonds Cirulis for Studio Maffam


Zen Bench by Raimonds Cirulis for Studio Maffam



  • Nickie says:

    That’s a really smart/stylish way of utilizing one piece of furniture as a multipurpose one. The combo of ‘bench/book shelf works great I think, you have to sit to read, after all. But the only thing (flaw?) is see with this is, if all the ‘shelves’ were full, removing the top bench to sit on could result in books falling over. I didnt see anything put in place to hold the books in place. A great concept, tweaked could prove to be an even better product 🙂

  • Octavian says:

    That is really nice.

    I think that can even be done by myself. Just should find out how they curve the planks..

  • Injected says:

    Simply awesome, good job.

  • Kit says:

    the wood is beautiful, and the simplicity of the design is breathtaking..but it leaves me wondering just how much weight those bent shelves could hold without bending even further under the weight..

    lovely, asian/natural piece, lots of versatility

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