All for the Nook

Lemme show you this bit of furniture that goes by the name “Nook.” It’s a stool object made by award winning dude designer Patrick Frey, who has chosen here to use a kind of high-tech plastic never before used in furniture design. This plastic is called VarioLine®, and it’s totally slick. Each stool is folded out of a single sheet of VarioLine® and fixed with an aluminum catch on the flip flop side. Weather proof, weird, wild, and comes in array of colors.

That array of colors you only get to see a couple of below. That array of colors is as thus: black, grey, white, red, purple, and clay. Feel free to buy me one of whichever color you like, but remember, I’m a Minnesotan, born and raised, so you’d best be sure I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for the greatness of the most royal of all colors.

Designer: Patrick Frey for VIAL
Photos by: Frank Schinski and Wolf Hoesch-Vial

Nook stool side table by Patrick Frey for VIAL