This avocado-shaped tent was made for the camping life of millennials!

Even though they are technically avocado shaped, if you can bear with me and call them teardrop-shaped tents then your camping trip will be very ‘on brand’ for 2020! No, not because we are sad, but because it encourages sustainable traveling and keeps the gatherings small! Also, if you are a millennial then here is an avocado that is worth its price and will not interfere with your budget for avocado toasts or buying houses (if you know, you know).

You can find these unique tents in the Borgloon forest in Belgium if you are looking for a safer alternative to the usual touristy destinations post the pandemic. In fact, it has gained attention only now when people are looking to camp outdoors because it is safer, won’t require you to fly, budget-friendly and avoids the crowds. Designed by the Dutch artist Dre Wapenaar, these ‘Tranendreef’ tree tents blend architecture and sculpture into one functional structure. The tent is suspended above the ground and basically hangs on the tree like fruit. The guests use a ladder to get inside/outside. It can host two adults and two small children. Originally installed as part of a public art project called ‘Pit’ (hence the avocado shape we assume) organized by Z33, it brought art into the public space of Borgloon. The designer also created ‘field furniture’ – seating, washing, toilet, and BBQ units to complete the camping site with the tents.

They are low-impact and promote sustainable tourism as the pathway they are on also leads to the Castle of Hex. It makes camping a little more quirky and fun, since we are going to be flying for a while this is the only way we can ‘hang in the air’. A reader in our Instagram comment section also called it a Hershey’s Kiss for bears, but I think the bears in Belgian would be rather repulsed by green chocolate but if this was Los Angeles…maybe!

Designer: Dre Wapenaar

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