Volcanic Ash Furniture

As I’m sure you’re already aware, the word “tephra” derives from a Greek word meaning “ash.” The title of this project is Tephra Formations so I’m sure you can see where this is headed already. I hope you’re gonna like going there. We’re about to totally go there. An armchair, pouf, low-table and the mother or all chairs, the Irregular Bomb.

Tephra can be all sizes and shapes, scary and dainty, simple and deadly. Volcanos produce some wild stuff. Large fragments ejected from a volcano during eruption still in a semi-solid state are called “bombs.” Each one of these bits of furniture is a “bomb.”

Manufactured like such: each bit of furniture is upholstered in black leather with tufted details, sort of like a Chesterfield sofa. Then you sit on it, Potsie, and you’re good to volcano go!

Designer: Studio Robert Stadler




Tephra Formations by Studio Robert Stadler