A Tubular Salon

From the hands of Katerina Soukhopalov and Maren Sostmann, MSK Design Group presents the Vasken Demirjian Salon. It’s just excellent. Red and white sets the pallet for the room, bright highlights accent all pieces. All hair designers in this room work with the ideal environment for cutting, coloring, and styling their masterpieces, the heads of hair that make up the business of Vasken Demirjian. Above them, the ceiling is “an intricate blanket” of white cylinders that project a diffused glow of light, perfect for the activities that go on within the room.

Sharp, clean, and glossy. Flattering are the lights, flattering are the artists. Harmony is felt throughout the room, custom designed and built are the red and white corian furniture. Along with the occasional accent in red on the ceiling, the cylinders also provide for some soundproofing in an otherwise chattering, relatively loud environment. Quiet, lovely, powerful haircutting’s what we’ve got here.

Designer: Katerina Soukhopalov and Maren Sostmann of MSK Design Group

Vasken Demirjian Salon by Katerina Soukhopalov and Maren Sostmann of MSK Design Group