Meet the Unnecessary Designs that will take your wfh experience by storm!

Taking the definition of product design and turning it topsy-turvy, our favorite designer Matt Benedetto is back with designs, that are by his definition, unnecessary! While staying home has brought out our creativity, Matt (of the Unnecessary Inventions page on Instagram fame) has used his considerable powers into making work from home work for us. Fun, quirky, and innovative, each of his designs require 3D Printing, Sewing, Mold Making, and more to go from an idea to a physical product. Made with humor and love, the products provide a solution to problems we had not considered as a problem until we come across one of his solution-oriented products. We hope you love this collection as much as we do and don’t be surprised if you actually want some of his designs, we certainly do!

The Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table™️ is actually a reason why you could be late to your zoom call – it sounds better than the ‘dog ate my notes’ excuse. Along with providing great pass time, it is literally impossible for you to work from home with ease without your trusted laptop table that currently lies in pieces. FYI – the table comes with NO instructions included!

Summer is here and while we can’t wear our Beer Cap, The Mixer Mask™️ is the safest way to chug your favorite drink while keeping the nasty virus away. For the days you do step out of home, this protective mask comes with a 16oz pouch that holds your beverage for you while you suck in some Vitamin D!

While we remain safely encased at home, the downside is we have to take our own pictures of us ‘working productively’ from our newly setup work corner. How to achieve that feat without investing in a tripod? The easy solution is to use Selfie Sandals™️  to get those coveted shots! Twist and lift your leg as needed to take the perfect selfie, free leg workout is a bonus!


Hardly Working From Home Desk™️ is the desk you secretly wanted but did not know about it till you saw this! This desk balances your work and the not-work activities with special accessories such as an integrated beer dispenser, a dedicated snack cubby and a flip-up smartphone mount that hold your phone above the screen, so you can watch the show while fooling your meeting to look like you are staring intently at the screen – just remember to add some nods in between! And when you are finally ready to get some work done, the desk comes with chains to strap you in place till you get the work done!

With Zoom Shutters™️ you know that the 5 min break you take is not visible to your team with your camera ‘accidentally’ being left on. These shutters attach to your laptop and work just like the window blinds for your front camera. Now take your Zoom Meeting breaks and prance around without pants with your privacy intact!

After a hard-ish day at work, you just want to stream a show and lose yourself in the dramatic world of great story-telling. What you don’t want is to get confused about what should your choice be? To take away your decision-making woes, Matt created the Streaming Roulette Dice Game™️ to let the dice decide for you. So get on with streaming and leave the decision making to these bad boys.

In all honestly, I could do with The Stop Snacking Scale™️! Balance and monitor your food intake by taking your willpower out of the equation with this design. The logic is simple, the more you eat, the higher the tray goes, taking those delicious munchies out of your reach!

With quarantining and avoiding food deliveries, ramen is our savior. However, have you been poked in the eye or lost your noodles, dumpling, or food in general to chopsticks manhandling? The Handy Chops™️ is here to save your morsel! These hand-shaped chopsticks carry all the style of the chopsticks without requiring any kung-fu ability to take the food to your mouth. Now conveniently eat with hands, albeit not you own.

The Snooze-Omatic™️ ensures you have an even deeper sleep, perfect for that lazy working day! While we all tend to hit the snooze button at least once every morning, with this automatic snooze hitter, you won’t have to bother moving your arm to quiet that pesky alarm clock. Stay warm in the cocoon of your blanket and let this attachment do all the snoozing for you!

Take the guesswork out of reading time with the Drink O’Clock™️. This 24-hour clock uses only one hand to tell you whether it is Happy Hour yet! Forget about knowing the exact minute, this clock highlights what is really important – are the working hours over yet?!

For a highly productive day, it is great to start off with some inspiration. What better than The CyberToaster™️ to help you with that. Toasting Elon Musk’s face to your bread, this high-powered toaster is designed to match the aesthetics of your CyberTruck. Talk about power breakfast!

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