Getting Screwed Thrice

If you like things in triplets then the Tribulb is surely for you. The eccentric twist to this orgy is that one LED bulb gets screwed thrice…one after the other or simply in one go. What’s funny is that the bulb doesn’t actually screw onto sockets but requires special fitted fixtures! It comes in a choice of colors (white, yellow or their mixture) to set your mood, however the brightness depends upon the number of hook-ups used. I like the versatility of the design, because you can actually customize and fashion the bulb into a floor lamp or a ceiling chandelier. Whimsical!

The Tribulb is a silver award winning work at the 22nd KOIZUMI INTERNATIONAL LIGHTING DESIGN COMPETITION FOR STUDENTS

Designer: Shinya Yoshida

[youtube: 605 455]

Tribulb – LED Bulb Design by Shinya Yoshida