MacBook 3D! Glasses Included

2009 was the year of EVERYTHING IS TOUCHSCREEN but times-a-changing. I’m just gonna go ahead and make a prediction for 2010. We’re going to see a bag load of concepts with 3D-enabled technologies. Take a look at this MacBook 3D and get used to some of the features. It’s like any other MacBook except there are stereoscopic iSight cameras, a touchscreen trackpad (soooo 2009), and a hingeless spine design.

All kidding aside, I am a bit intrigued. 3D imaging has Hollywood scrambling to join the bandwagon so it’s obvious technology leaders will soon provide consumers with some of the same features. Apple’s iSight camera is good so slapping two on there to provide simulated depth is totally feasible. Just imagine chat rouletting in 3D! I’m not sure about the hingeless design though; couldn’t tell it it’s flexible or a segmented joint. The jury is still out on touchscreen trackpads. We saw tons of those concepts all through 2008-2009 and no manufacture seems to have bitten. Is it just too novel, too expensive, and power draining to implement?

Designer: Tai Chiem

MacBook 3D Laptop Concept by Tai Chiem





  • sofias says:

    when the webcams are this close togehter the ‘stereoskopic’ view would be more that of a rat than that of a human.
    besides there is no need to put those cams so close together..

    • moonglowdude says:

      Rats have panoramic vision. Their eyes are on the sides of their head. They don’t see 3D πŸ™

  • iFrodo says:

    Nice! Sadly it’ll be realistic until 1 to 3 years at least. Well at least not with AMOLED and SSD coming standard on every MacBook, as this would rise the cost too much considering that current MacBook Pro price is starting at $1199.

    But maybe in 1 to 3 years, this would be realistic and will exist (maybe not with all the features presented here, but let say most of them). Who knows?

  • chris says:

    Just a nitpick (but if you’re using this as a portfolio piece you don’t want to be wrong). Under “stereoscopic iSight” the plural of Macbook 3D shouldn’t have an apostrophe – ie it’s Macbook 3Ds not Macbook 3D’s.

  • meinv says:

    Wow very good in our China has not it

  • Wraith says:

    If Apple were to make one of these, it would be enough to entice me into getting a Mac, though they would have to give a decent price, one of the main reasons why I don’t own a mac is the price. I got an Acer with 4gb of ram,2.26 i5 CPU, radeon 5640, bluray burner and 500gb hard drive for less than a macbook. Right now I”m satisfied with triple booting Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, Ubuntu 9.10 64bit, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard (hackintosh) time consuming to set up, but well worth it

    • Wraith says:

      that should say ASUS not Acer, I was making my friends Acer Netbook a hackintosh while typing that out

  • Jann says:

    The designer should learn more about rendering and in particular the gamma settings. The Mid-tones are way to dark.

  • JM says:

    12 hours of battery life? Now, that’s nice. πŸ˜€

  • JM says:

    12 hours of battery life? Now, that’s nice. πŸ˜€

  • Jackie Smith says:

    WOW, macbook 3d!! I didn’t ever think of such a device.. how much does it costs? is it available?

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