Eggy Furutistic Wheels

It’s the egg on wheels. Inspired directly by Peugeot egg-car, GM’s P.U.M.A, Toyota’s I-real, Honda’s U3-X personal vehicle, and of course, my favorite, a penguin! The “Gentoo” concept car takes its form inspiration from the Gentoo penguin, a cute and lovely and environmentally friendly little thing. The idea of this car is just that, to be cute, to be really nice to look at, and to be nice to the environment: the Gentoo uses no fossil fuels at all.

The Gentoo also uses self-balancing technology and is powered by lithium battery technology. Also it looks like it’s from a video game I’d love to play. I’m thinking like a 3-D Sonic the Hedgehog sort of deal, flying up and down hills with this fabulous egg vehicle that’s got a bottom-heavy body, doing some sweet flips and such? Heck yeah. Eggy afterburners!

Designer: C.Rameshkanth