Roll Out, Child, Roll Out

Literally, this car is called the “Joyride.” Below you will find a definition of Joyride, as provided by the designers. It is wild. Let’s talk about how this car is. It’s for kids, it’s constructible without tools, and it’s for kids, but lemme tell you why I said kids twice – it’s for kids who are so amazingly difficult to please, they don’t even think about responding to you talking unless you call them twice. This is a modern soapbox cart of the free play variety.

*JOYRIDE: as defined by a source provided by the designer, Per Brolund, is: “to drive around in a stolen car, boat, or other vehicle with no particular goal, a ride taken solely for pleasure or excitement.”


This particular Joyride is a full-scale construction kit. It’s easy enough so that basically anyone can do it, but challenging enough that it’ll be a total adventure for basically that same set of people: everybody.

It’s made of 10 pieces of marine plywood, three pieces of aluminum tube – that’s two wheel axles and a pushbar, a 12mm thick nylon rope for steering, and twelve self-locking ring pegs to hold the whole contraption together. It’s easy to put together, and easy to dissemble, just incase you want to pack it flat away during the wintertime months.


It’s got wonderful coloring-book-style imagery all around it, so feel free to bust out the paint.

Designer: Per Brolund

Joyride pushcart for the Fast and the Curious by Per Brolund