Getting All Square with Coke

Alright eco-force! Get ready! It’s time to turn Coca Cola into…whaaa? An Earth-friendly means of distributing 20oz of soda! Coke’s always been a sort of futuristic thinking brand, but this would be a big fat huge giant leap forward in the right direction if I do say so myself. It’s a design for a much more reasonable, smart, ergonomic, and gosh darnit, it just looks lovely. It’s so green, it’s 100% plant based. It’s made out of greens! And it’s much more stackable. And cooler!

I’ve overexcited myself.

I need a cool, refreshing Pepsi.

While I write this: The cap is 25% slimmer than the current 20oz bottle, and 27% more efficient because of its drastically reduced footprint. Something I didn’t know about the current PET bottle is it’s 100% recyclable, but that only about 50% of the bottles distributed get recycled. (I would have thought that not nearly that many were reused, I see bottles everywhere all the time.) The bottle you see here is more collapsable than the current one though, encouraging more recycling due to ease in transport. The bottle collapses 66% smaller than its original size. You’re much more likely to hold on to a bottle for later recycling if you can carry it in your pocket.

And the 100% plant make? This bottle is made of 100% sugar cane byproducts. I don’t think it’s as sweet as the good parts of the cane though, just neat.

And I’d better mention again: it’s so stackable!

Designer: Andrew Seunghyun Kim

Eco Coke by Andrew Kim