Laptop Morphs Into A Briefcase

What strikes me most about the Playing By Heart (quite a fascinating name for a laptop!) concept is the simplistic way it tries to achieve its set goals. The goals being: portability, smooth looks, multi-level elevation, cooling & sleek form. All it takes is a handle on the back-end of the laptop, steel or aluminum finish for the cover and you have a rocking Laptop Briefcase in your hands! Think about it…no more laptop covers or sleeves either!

Designer: Zhang Shouze

Playing By Heart – Laptop Briefcase by Zhang Shouze





  • brack says:

    good idea. this one should have been done a long time ago.

    • Canterburry says:

      Already been done. Most companies then decided to switch it for plastic handles, which, suprise!, broke off and left laptops flying towards their demise. Ever since we used laptop bags, end of story.

  • meks says:

    The first laptops invented had handles. The Panasonic Toughbook still does.

  • Koneck says:

    Not a good idea, most likely thins will be treated like a real briefcase; toss aside, place anywhere, on anything and probably get knock around a few times.

  • LJ says:

    Not too sure about the durability for it being a briefcase that also does not hold any thing else. I guess you could modify it to just be a stand only if anyone cares about that since that what it seems like its more focused towards anyway.

  • VisualCD says:

    This coud be done very nice to mini-laptops like EeePC because is not that heavy like other laptops…

  • Dave says:

    Nice job with cool styling and a very logical solution for integrating a handle. However, the angle shown for typing is totally wrong. Typing would be done on a flat keyboard, while an angled keyboard is better for when docked or viewing content.

  • The Optimist says:

    I think the best way to market this is to sell it as an “option” for a new laptop at a (e.g.) Apple store.

    Different versions of the handle could probably be fitted to any laptop “chassis”.

  • In an ideal world this should be the default standard for laptop casing!
    I wish my laptop had a sturdy cover too like this one, and a handle that would raise it up to prevent it from burning a hole through the table, or my trousers. But sadly, the manufacturers of my laptop in their ultimate wisdom decided it would be far more beneficial to equip it with a flimsy plastic hood that creaks and groans every time it is opened. [It was all for the end users benefit apparently, and nothing to do with saving manufacturing costs, of course ;)]

    I love the design, and the groovy name too, but it is not a briefcase, and really should not be billed as such. For one, it is not a “case” in so far as it will not store any items other than the laptop. And also, it only provides protection for the front (and back?) but still leaves the ports on the side exposed (and vents?). So you most definitely will need a laptop sleeve or cover if you want to take it outdoors, or anywhere there is coffee, drinks, clumsy people, or any other nasty stuff that will turn your electronic wonder-brain into a lifeless brick…

  • dalton007 says:

    Nice design, but it’s not really ergonomic for your wrists… Ok your laptop breathes better, but you can develop the syndrom of carpal channel, that’s a growing problem of our technologic century…
    Also, would you like to transport your laptop without case like this? If you’re going to work with a rainy weather, or in the case of your bike, I don’t think that it’s good for your machine… 😉

  • I found your posting to be insightful! Thank you.

  • I found your posting to be insightful! Thank you.

  • scott smith says:

    Agreed, I used to sell ergonomic keyboard arms and some wouldn’t let you do anything less that 3 degrees down. Maybe you can switch the sides without too much re-engineering or at least leave out the ergonomic benefit. At midwest data we had case studies where CT injuries resulted in major surgeries and $1-2 million settlements on average!

    Just looking out and not trying to be a know-it-all but a reverse design with a way the screen won’t flip open would be cool…actually now I’ll be a know it all…forget the handle and put on a strap plus a little pocket for a charger etc. I’d be psyched to get one, good luck!

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