This is No “Imperial” Lamp

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a lamp the last thing that comes to your mind when you think of the title “AT-AT Walker?” Me, for me, it does. It’s the last thing. But hold on here, wait, take a look at the lamp that goes with that title. It does bear a…very striking resemblance to the Star Wars dark side machine of death, does it not? Yes it does. And it’s a lamp! Who would have thought? It’s made by Life Goods for Ormond Editions to be a futuristic fantasy of luxury lighting.

Life Goods designers set out for themselves to approach this whole lamp situation as a piece of wooden furniture. Inspired by veneering in anique, fine furniture, they decided to take elements normally reserved for these cabinetwork projects they were studying and apply them to this futuristic form.

The legs? Expanded. The light? On a dimmer. The Dimmer? It’s intensity is connected directly to the opening of the drawer, the drawer being opened with “a simple fingers pressure (switch on).”

70 x 60 x 174 cm
68 x 58 x 120 cm


Designer: Life Goods for Ormond Editions

AT-AT Walker lamp furniture from the future by Life Goods for Ormond Editions