Platypus Coffee Machine ready to cheer you up every morning

Platypus Streamline Style Coffee Machine Images

This coffee machine concept will probably remind you of Perry the Platypus. Perry who? He’s the fictional platypus from the animated series ‘Phineas and Ferb.’ The younger generation may be quick to identify the character but don’t fret if you don’t recognize him; perhaps after having a cup of coffee, you will remember.

The Platypus Coffee Machine is yet another quirky-designed kitchen appliance that can make you start the day right. Our life cannot be perfect, but coffee can be, and the Platypus will do it right for you. The streamlined style of the coffee maker starts with solid lines that make it stand out from the other coffee machines available in the market.

Designer: Hao-Xuan Lu

Platypus Streamline Style Coffee Machine

Platypus Streamline Style Coffee Machine Design

The inspiration isn’t just the platypus but also dolphins, as evident in the curves. Some will even say it reminds them of penguins because of the same curves and snout, especially when you view it from the back. The choice of sapphire (although it looks teal to me) as color makes it another fun device that can make your kitchen countertop or coffee area cheerful. It is also an elegant addition as made possible by the glossy, mirror-like finish. The Ferrari red accent and the silver details add the perfect contrast.

The Platypus Coffee Machine is easy to maintain with the catch pan to store used grounds. It’s easy to operate, too, as you only need to set up the heat. After use, there are fans that can dry the grounds quickly. There are three air vents on the rear that help keep the machine cool when not in use.

Platypus Streamline Style Coffee Machine Features

The Platypus Coffee Machine’s design development process was realistic as the designer came up with an actual model by printing the body. Then, the surface was painted layer by layer to achieve that glossy finish. And with the power of photography, the product model looked every bit like a professional appliance.

The coffee machine’s main features include the main body and the catch pan. The latter comes with an air vent, plus an upper cap. The body is where the water tank is and where you will see the brewing buttons, steam knob, and a milk frother. The snout portion is where coffee is brewed, always ready to make several cups of coffee for you.

Platypus Streamline Style Coffee Machine Release

Platypus Streamline Style Coffee Machine Details

The Platypus Coffee Machine looks ready to be taken into production. It’s only a concept product by a Taiwanese design student. Hao-Xuan Lu focuses on design research and developing product design. He aims to combine research insight with aesthetic features in his work. He believes exploring the unknown fields of products, services, and interaction is vital for designers to achieve a successful design.

Platypus Streamline Style Coffee Machine Concept

Platypus Streamline Style Coffee Machine Specs