This Clock is Not Upside Down

Hello you late to bedders, did you know we’re awake at the same time? The darkness makes it seem like you’re alone, but I will haunt you FOREVER! No, actually, what I’m saying is that lots of people, especially people who spend the majority of their time on these internets, stay up very late into the night (and usually into the morning then too.) Darkness, that’s where it’s at. It’s where all the good stuff happens if it’s winter, and it’s where it’s funny to run around in a tshirt in the summer. But once inside, we gonna need us a clock.

This is the “Clock for Night Owl” by designer Tiancheng Luo, and it’s made for those folks to stay up into the darkness. The wakie time for these people, you and I, is very different from that of your average human, in that while they’re asleep, we’re probably not.

Here’s a clock for all of that loveliness.

Designer: Tiancheng Luo

Clock for Night Owl by Tiancheng Luo


  • brack says:

    oh, great, thanks, now I have to go reset again, this thing fried my brain. 🙂

  • Ginkgraph says:

    Very interesting idea but confusing lol.

  • Bael says:

    Nice, but would you read it up side down or just read the hours upside down but the minutes right side up????

  • Kristen says:

    I see no sense in this. So it says 4:10 (am) for the night owl, and the hands look like 10:10 would look on a normal clock. How is that helpful? Night owls have spent their lives, however long, building an association between 4:10, being awake, and what 4:10 looks like on a NORMAL clock. What possible use can making 4:10 look like 10:10 have?

    Cute idea, but if you think about it for about a second, it’s logically useless.

    • LJ says:

      that clock says 4:40

    • Juh says:

      Not really. The night owls get up at 2 pm normal time (some get up even later), but to them it’s 8 am. They go to bed at 6 am our time, but the clock says it’s only 12 am.. and so on.

  • trybudi says:

    nice thinking! I like

  • rr says:

    it would work if a traditionally-oriented inner ring for minutes were added . . .

  • danni says:

    It’s really special,even confusing!

  • Enrique says:

    The most outright way of questioning convention.

  • Justin says:

    It’s a fun Idea that would be relatively easy to manufacture.

  • Ray says:

    great concept. maybe invert the colors, black face with white digits and hands.

  • tugboat says:

    Another mind screw way to mess your day! HA HA HA…
    As if there isn’t enough useless (twisted/alternated) information overload to deal with. I’ld say stick with your time, to deal with what you have to deal with, early or late and move on as you can. Check your to-do list. Why twist it up to make it seem as an altered reality. To make it seem like the one you live in doesn’t exist???
    Which do you live in? “REALLY!”

  • I totally agree with the TUGBOAT AND I PERSONNALY
    need a lot more of less. Discombobulation of time is your choice, I prefer to be in the NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Craig says:

    Been done. Tibor Kalman.

  • Craig says:

    Been done. Tibor Kalman.

  • A6M4 says:

    C’mon people, it seems to me that all he did was rotate the clock and flip the numbers so that you can more easily read them. My guess is that the thing has the exact same inner workings as a regular clock just a different face. Honestly, the idea sounds novel, but what he has done is kind of weak.

    I mean if you really think about it, the idea is kind of stupid. It sounds like this is a clock for people who sleep opposite hours than most. But what does that really mean? It means instead of being up at 8:00AM you are up at 8:00PM. Those two times look the same on a conventional clock. If this was being sold as an alternate perspective novelty (kinda like maps where South is on top), that would be neat, but this isn’t that.

  • A6M4 says:

    I don’t understand how that would make it work. You read it the same way. The only difference between this clock and a normal one is where the numbers are printed on the face. You read it the same way!

  • L.Todd says:

    The Roman clock we use is upsidedown and should have the twelfth hour at bottom. If we use the correct clock given to mankind by God (Genesis 1:5 and John 11:9) the left and right brain function will improve as will people’s spiritual receptivity. This thesis was additional supported by the number codes discovered in the Bible.
    As a side note, if you are right-handed and normally do everything with one hand, you should make the effort to use both hands equally when you can which will develop the other side of the brain and assist in developing the receptivity of spiritual understanding.
    Romans and the Catholic church, by changing the language from Hebrew and Greek to Latin basically dumbed down the people and they had little chance to recover their divine link. Coupled with the upsidedown Roman clock, humanity has really been deceived. —l.t.

  • Tyler says:

    finally another person awake

  • night owl says:

    funny,i’m actually reading this at 4:15 am,I literally live the opposite of people,it’s like i’m programmed to be awake after 3 and 4am,i might go to bed after reading this,but i might just be awake in bed,hmmm might wake up,2 or 3pm.There are instances,where i’ve slept till 6pm…LOL

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