This Clock is Not Upside Down

Hello you late to bedders, did you know we’re awake at the same time? The darkness makes it seem like you’re alone, but I will haunt you FOREVER! No, actually, what I’m saying is that lots of people, especially people who spend the majority of their time on these internets, stay up very late into the night (and usually into the morning then too.) Darkness, that’s where it’s at. It’s where all the good stuff happens if it’s winter, and it’s where it’s funny to run around in a tshirt in the summer. But once inside, we gonna need us a clock.

This is the “Clock for Night Owl” by designer Tiancheng Luo, and it’s made for those folks to stay up into the darkness. The wakie time for these people, you and I, is very different from that of your average human, in that while they’re asleep, we’re probably not.

Here’s a clock for all of that loveliness.

Designer: Tiancheng Luo

Clock for Night Owl by Tiancheng Luo