Shadow Walls and Sunshine

If you’re heavy into design, like you’re an addict, you basically can’t stand to see much in your environment that ISN’T put in place by a human being, you’re basically guaranteed to be at least generally alright at both interior and exterior design, the arranging of elements in your environment. And if you are, and you’re a generally make-your-own-profit sort of person in our modern world, you also like to find ways to conserve energy and make things less expensive for yourself. How about harnessing the sun for all of this?

Woo yes! Sunlight! It’s up there shooting out energy and we’ve not even really begun to delve very deeply into the ways we aught to be able to use it. Well let me tell you something. Drzach and Suchy are sticking their fingers into it, and they ain’t getting burnt! Nay! Let’s look at this!

What they’ve created here is called “Piksol,” and it is made to both collect solar energy and create arbitrary patterns and images on a building’s facade. Win? Yes.

Then, in combination with Shadow Casting Panels, these Piksols can be used to create fabulously lovely images that can change dynamically throughout the day as the sun changes positions.

Quite simple, quite smart.

Designers: Drzach & Suchy



Piksol solar panels that also create dynamic facades by Drzach and Suchy



  • Confucius says:

    Neat Idea. I would throw out the solar panel idea altogether, it makes the dream unachievable.
    I think there are too many factors involved in implementing the solar panels, costs would be huge compared to energy produced.

    If its a case of ‘neat idea, lets add solar panels and make it our own’ ~ an add on to an existing idea, then its a dream. If the art-created-by-shadows idea is original, your on to something…

  • Ahmed Shazly says:

    I’m an Egyptian architecture engineer working in Qatar, I constructed a 4 storey building in Egypt with a top roof size of 430 m2, and my building consists of 11 residential flat. Is it possible to find a solar panel system to be suitable to generate the electricity I need to run my lighting and domestic AC units and other home/kitchen instruments? Please advise me about your proposal for the best system and the expected capacity of electricity I can earn from this system.
    If this system is competitive it could find a very large scale in my home country “Egypt” for the entire neighbourhood. However Egypt have at least 350 days /year of sun shine and an average temperature of 35 C at summer and around 24 C in winter which is only around 2 months /year.

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