The Stool Connection

Quadratic much? At the intersection between two curves comes this stool right here. Not to be kicked around all too much! It’s called the “f(x) stool” it’s the interconnection. It’s the birch, the plywood, and the adjustability in mathematics. As the curves get further away from one another, the seat gets wider, but you might feel a bit more nervous, as the support reduces.

Birch Plywood, Memory Ecol 260 x 260 x 510(h)

How many stools does it take to fill a house? I dare anyone to collect every single stool ever published on Yanko and put that in your quadratic and smoke it. You’d have quite the room! No need for a chair! It’s the middle, between floor and seat. And bar stool.

Designer: Tak Euy Sung

The f(x) stool by Tak Euy Sung