Steampunk Style

The RESPONSUM LEVARE C Sub B3 Chair emphasizes a balance between form and function, blurring the line between utilitarian object and decoration. Its cog-like components and combination of latigo leather and maple dowels with high-tech Richlite fiber composite create a pseudo-Victorian “steampunk” aesthetic that’s sure to make it the focal point of any room. Eccentric, but very handsome nonetheless.

Designer: Kenneth Smythe


  • Jimmy C says:

    Oh, wow. This would be perfect in my room.

  • Art Donovan says:

    A nicely done piece!

    However, I can assure you that the styling is not Steampunk.

    Chunk-Punk perhaps 🙂

  • MDesigns says:

    I agree with Art Donovan (famous Steampunk Designer?)To me its more of a Lego Chair than Steampunk.

  • Art Donovan says:

    Perhaps, Lego, Yes.

    But as an aside, the specific category doesn’t really matter unless it’s incorrectly attributed.

    This chair is wonderfully proportioned. It’s details are engaging and unique and the color profile is excellent. A very nice job there.

  • srnejad says:

    Nice styling bro, keep it going, just don’t go too far ignoring the possibility of production.

  • Hi-Tec-Baroque describes the style of all of my designs. The structure grows out of the geometry and many of my designs are visually contrapuntal. This is expressed thru the layering and how each layer smoothly maps portions of each layer. There are no intersecting lines between any 2 parts. The tables and many of my chairs assemble in a manner similar to childrens plastic puzzles of many years ago with a final locking pin or pins that hold the whole work together.

    If you would like to see more of my designs just email me.

  • Hunter says:

    A little overmuch, in my opinion.

  • Kenneth Smythe says:


    If you will send me your email address I would be glad to send renderings of other designs so that you could better determine what you think the design style of my work is.

    Hope to here from you.

    Kenneth Smythe/YAHEBA

  • Kenneth Smythe says:


    I would be glad to send renderings of many other designs if you would send me your email address. Seeing these new designs you might be better able to explain to me what you meant by ‘a little overmuch’.

    Kenneth Smythe/YAHEBA

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