Ladder? No way! Ratchet!

I didn’t ratchet my way into writing this article, I just hammered it out. But that’s not what Itay Laniado is all about. Itay Laniado designed this magnificent set of material, metal, and wood. It’s a ladder that’s got nothing holding it together but a single ratchet. And what’s best about that? Collapsibility. Lots and lots of collapsibility that means you can jam this ladder in just about any crack or nook.

No screws, no glue, disassembled and assembled in a compact way. The ratchet doesn’t stop there though, NO! In fact is it also the handle that holds the ladder. Such a carry-able stepper.

Designer: Itay Laniado

Ladder that you can fold up really small and carry by Itay Laniado