Oddly appealing armchair comes with a nested design that gives it volume

Your first reaction to the Hug Armchair is to ‘dislodge’ its individual elements, only to realize that the armchair isn’t made of nested elements. It’s literally designed as a union of them and is a solid, single piece of furniture. Aptly titled ‘Hug’ for the way the elements hug each other, the Hug Armchair is pleasing to look at, inviting with its warm design and eye-catching colors, and comfortable, thanks to an all-cushion construction that you practically sink right into.

Designer: Romulo Temigue

The chair is (at least visually) made from 5 parts, with a rainbow-esque color palette to help separate them while giving the chair a unique theme. Starting off with a seat and gradually moving over to the large backrest which envelopes the entire chair, the Hug looks like a set of nesting kitchen containers or spoons (the ones from Joseph Joseph, no less)

“The inspirational part of this armchair came with the use of the classic armchairs that gives your body a hug when you sit on them”, says designer Romulo Temigue. The chair’s overarching personality envelops you in a hug when you sit on it, and even though there isn’t a human in these images for context, the armchair is pretty big. This makes it the centerpiece of any room, according to Temigue. With its pleasant design, the Hug Armchair acts as a unique conversation piece for an interior, and while this current one comes in a warm-ish color scheme, Temigue says that the chair can be upholstered to uniquely suit the color palette of your house. I imagine a greyscale one in a Scandinavian or marble-heavy interior would look absolutely stunning!

The Hug Armchair is a Silver Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2022.