This tabletop clothes washing machine was designed to clean your undergarments and save water!

Underwear and socks take up a lot more space in the washing machine than we might give them credit. Most of the time, I reason with the overflow of socks by removing a bulky pair of jeans or a couple of t-shirts, otherwise, I keep the socks in the laundry basket to await next week’s load. It’s a good thing I own a lot of socks. The creators from EZVALO have created a miniature washing machine to take care of our smaller undergarments called NIX so they don’t take up most of the space or get lost in the cycle of our regular loads of laundry.

NIX is a miniature washing machine specifically built to clean, dry, and sanitize our undergarments, like underwear, undershirts, and socks, using less water in the process. The miniature washing machine features an inclined drum that promises to save water while also making it easier for users to load, unload, and keep an eye on their laundry. Additionally, NIX comes with an integrated water tank, allowing users to place their miniature washing machine anywhere they’d like without the hassle of having to attach hoses or electrical appliances to a wall outlet. Featuring a vertical-lifting door, the designers behind NIX boast its futuristic and clean design scheme. Along the top of NIX’s main door, a digital display screen allows users to denote which cycle they’d like NIX to perform all through the use of haptic sensors.

Shortlisted for 2021’s iF Design Award, NIX is a miniature laundry machine that saves water and space so that users can clean their smaller clothing items like pairs of underwear and socks. Even besides that, NIX seems like an especially convenient household appliance for more urgent washing matters like accidental red wine spills or guacamole mishaps. Yes, I’m speaking from personal experience.

Designer: EZVALO

NIX comes with a vertical, touch-and-lift door that opens to a tilted drum for easy access to load and unload laundry.

The door’s main digital display screen indicates how much time is left in a wash or dry cycle and features the machine’s on/off and pause buttons.

With an integrated water tank, NIX does not require any additional hose attachments.

Users only have to lift the machine’s door for access to its drum.

Available in optic white, NIX’s design is clean and sophisticated.