One Ring to Green Them All

How many of you are swanky enough to have a tree stump on your wall? Well you’re in luck! Because here’s another one! This one’s made to keep tabs on your environment, air pollution style. The basic concept here is lights and filters. As this device sits on your wall, showing you with conveniently lovely lights how dirty your air is, it also does a small degree of filtering that same air to keep your home nice to breath in.

The reason these designers chose to do this project is to remind folks at home of the pollutants that are affecting the forests of the world every day. In the same way those forests are dying, SO WILL YOU* unless you keep your house air clean!

*Probably not, but clean air keeps lungs happy!

They offer this loving message:

Today, the green forest in our global village is daily being reduced to 80 thousand m². The forest is being worsened daily by air pollution due to elements such as SO2, ozone depletion, NOx and acid fog. Accordingly, the following phenomena such as the impeded leaf growth, yellowing damage, and narrowed width of annual tree rings are appearing and have appeared due to this pollution. We propose this Eco-Green Ring to represent and remind us of both the pollution in the air and the trees that are disappearing, as they are both indispensable for our species life.

As far as the air in your room goes, red lights means bad, green lights means good. And as it’s a green machine, a large cross-section of the elements it’s made of are recycled in some way or another. And it’s powered by your favorite kind of power! Human power! It doesn’t eat your skin or anything, what I actually mean is that you actually have to pull on the little branch on the side of it to rev up its power supply. Cute!

Designers: Park Jun Seok and Kwon Hye Rim



Green Ring by Park Jun Seok and Kwon Hye Rim