Sit On An Ostrich Or Something Like It

A finalist for the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa, the Ostrich Barstool defies conventional seating design for something whimsical and surprisingly comfortable. Inspired by a recent ride on an Ostrich, sounds fun! – the result is an upholstered seat with elegantly shaped steel legs based on an ostriches’ proportions. I want 3 of these NOW. I think they’re gorgeous and fun to look at.

Designer: Y. Tsai


Ostrich Barstool by Y. Tsai



  • karl says:

    cool…i think

  • Marzaday says:

    WTF! Being different for different sake. I am just not sure i would feel comfortable on it….. similar to being on an ostrich, I guess.

  • Fractured Cell says:

    Hang on, if its a barstool, then wouldn’t it get covered in food/booze now and again? Unless that cover is removable & washable, this seems to be a big flaw…

  • Dont bury your heads in the sand this could be fun,
    Though there must be better ways to get high!

  • mif991 says:

    If the frame were designed a bit more sculptural then it could be cool. But it looks budget and charm-less. Concept is good, execution not.

  • ccc* says:

    I like it, its humorous and playfull… the frame could be finessed a little bit more though.

  • Name*Dragon_kim29 says:

    It’s just so cool… Love it

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