Over the Land and Through the Port

Look at that port! More on that later. This concept vehicle is the OEX-B, the Overland Expedition type B. Overland, basically meaning across land exclusively, describes where this truck shall go, and sightseeing is what its passengers shall do. Made for tourist travel, is what it is. For the best tour ever, with the most eyes directed towards YOU. Because there’s no way in HECK there’s going to be a truck like yours on the road when you’re cruzin in this bad boy.

Made for lots of places for easy viewing: the giant porthole with seats facing the sides of the road, hatch on the tail that opens to view the from the back, lateral extendable balcony with built-in binoculars, and a big-ol windshield up front.

Below you will see first a video of the canopy opening atop the vehicle. Notice how bug-like the whole situation is (in fact, the entire vehicle’s main form is inspired by the scarab beetle.) Inside are panels that collect solar energy from our yellow sun, not unlike Superman himself.

After that, you’ll see a similar video, this time of the giant port-hole and extending staircase that come out the side of the vehicle. These remind me rather of the classic film “Flight of the Navigator”, in which a fabulous space craft has very similar stairs and port.

OEX comes in two types: A and B.

A having 4 wheels for short distance, type A3 being the “OEX-A All-Terrain” for 12 to 15 passengers, and A4 the “OEX-A Arctic” for 12 to 15 passengers, specialized for the Arctic touristic expeditions.

B being the one made for long travel. B1 is the “OEX-B All-Terrain” for 20 passengers (featured in the images), and B2 “OEX-B African” for 20 passengers, specialized for African safari drives (also featured in the images.)

Each of these trucks features a Modular Platform featuring a “series-hybrid system” assisted by a diesel generator, categorizing it as a “Range Extended Electric Vehicle” (REEV). Each of the wheels have an in-wheel motor inspired by Hyperlink. These independent engines create the possibility of reconfiguration, “4 or 6 wheels all created with the same components to form a drivetrain.”

AND, just so you don’t forget, if you’re observing lions in this thing, either make sure you’re driving the B type 2, which has a balcony, or just be safe and stay inside the vehicle for cripes sake.

Designer: Hamid Reza Bekhradi

Overland Expedition type B overland truck by Hamid Reza Bekhradi