Sour Mood Gettaway

Popescu Lucian has left me speechless with his explanation for the Pandur Concept Vehicle! It’s for times like this when designers don’t delve technical details, I wonder if they held back because of copyright issues like Brian discussed earlier? I understand how frustrating it can be when someone else steals your ideas and makes a quick buck! To give him benefit of doubt & for poetic justice, hit the jump to see Popescu’s reason for the Pandur Concept Vehicle.

After a bad week at the office, your boss is telling you he’s gonna fire you, your wife spends all your money at the mall, and your son is getting bad grades on his behavior… Apart from a joint, Pandur can put you back on your feet. Take your tent, your camera, a couple of beers and take out the Pandur accumulator because the mountains are waiting.

Designer: Popescu Lucian






Pandur Concept Vehicle by Popescu Lucian