The Nature of Caravaning

I hate caravans. In all seriousness, the only good caravan is one that’s on fire. I hate driving behind them, I hate seeing pictures of them. I hate the smell of them, and I hate the cramped confines inside them. To sum up I find them offensive to pretty much all five senses and wouldn’t be caught dead in or around one. With one exception… Enter Designer Kevin VanBraak, who has cleverly managed to turn the most worthless of specimens into the coolest portable space I’ve seen in a long time. This one takes some assembly though.

Step one: Drive it to your destination of choice
Step two: Park it
Step three: Fold down the 3 walls
Step four: Install the trees
Step five: Enjoy.

And what really sells it? The windowsill and campfire of course!

Designer: Kevin VanBraak