Swinging The Other Way

Most of the time you’re nudging your co-bench partner to give you more seat space. So essentially sitting on benches really sucks. Generally they’re hard slabs of wood or concrete and do nothing much for your posterior or fun! This is the reason why we need more of the Swing Together Bench; I don’t need to say much…just have a look at the video and you’ll get the full picture. Google Offices can do with this swing!

Designer: Hanyoung Lee

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5t590eZnuc 605 445]

Swing Together Bench by Hanyoung Lee



  • mf says:

    I really love the idea of turning sitting from static to dynamic.

  • Wow this really is great.

    • reality says:

      finger traps, public liability, problematic for visually impaired and elderly. moving parts in exterior enviroments are a nightmare to maintain. this design will attract missuse. no water displacement zones so the ‘inner seat’ will never dry.! so i cant see any reasons why i would like this.

      • Gimbal says:

        You must not get out of the house a lot for fear of all the dangers the world offers. Do you have doors? Aren’t those finger traps. Have fun dissing other people’s work from your little bubble.

        • Alexi says:

          Might be good for indoors. I was thinking about where the water would go too if it rained. I’ve sat on many benches at bus stops or in parks. Ones that don’t get too hot or too cold because of the weather, and those that dry easily are most convenient.

        • reality says:

          not really, these were some of the considerations that i put into practice for the 8 years that i designed street furniture.

  • Manish says:

    Hey Radhika, nice post and a very innovative design… I am sure it will be fun sitting on such benches 🙂

  • murat says:

    this fact:) great these

  • jasper C. says:

    I'm afraid of cuttng children's finger….

  • jasper C. says:

    I'm afraid of cuttng children's finger….

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